The Best OSU Tablet in 2020

Since 2007, OSU (better known as osu!) has been a rhythm game enjoyed by all people, from casual to competitive. If you’re looking to get into the game, many players end up preferring a tablet over the initial mouse and keyboard version. Tablets for OSU can make playing the game smoother, but there are so many to choose from. Before you end up exhausting your mouse, let’s look at some tablets for OSU.

First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best OSU tablet

We factored in various features when choosing the best OSU tablets. Which ones could be used for other things, like digital art? Which one had the best levels of pressure? Which have good absolute tracking? What were the tablets compatible with? Were some compatible with Windows and with Mac? Finally, we looked at the reviews. We picked the tablets that had the best possible reviews.

#1: XP Pen G430S (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The good thing about OSU tablets is that you don’t need one that is too expensive. This tablet is the perfect combination of value and quality. When you play OSU, you shouldn’t have any problems, as it’s specially designed for that game.

The first thing worth noting is that all these tablets are also good for drawing or signing documents. Casual artists will love this as well. In addition, you don’t need to install any drivers when playing OSU. One problem some tablets have is the fact that you have to install several different programs. However, this one is a tablet you can plug in and it’ll do the rest.

With over 8,000 levels of pressure, this is a great tablet. The XP Pen is also small enough for travel as well. With 266RPS, your pen movements go smoother as well.

There isn’t too much else to say about this one other than it’s the perfect OSU tablet for most people. Reviews of the XP Pen seem to agree, with most saying it’s perfect for OSU and for other graphics tablet uses. There were some criticisms concerning the product being difficult to set up, particularly on Mac. However, one top reviewer gave a step by step guide for Mac installation.

#2: Wacom Intuos (Best Machine)

If you have extra money and are serious about your OSU gameplay, a Wacom tablet is what you need to look for.

For one thing, its area is bigger than most. For people with big hands or people who want a little more room to draw, this tablet works quite well for that. With over 4,000 pressure levels and 2,500 LIP, it’s also a great tablet for most uses.

Another unique feature of Wacom tablets is that you can buy it in wireless or wired versions. Wireless uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer, and it does cost a little more. Some people may pick the wired just for accuracy and cost, but if you like a little more convenience, you may find the wireless the way to go.

This tablet also has express keys, which make it easier to use shortcuts. This can make your game easier as well as your drawing sessions.

Speaking of which, it does come with drawing software which you can use, if you register the product and you live in the Americas.

Reviews have been extremely positive. Most say that it’s a good OSU tablet and a great tablet for drawing. If you have multiple uses for a tablet, then get this one. Negative reviews mostly concerned incompatibility. Interestingly enough, one of the most helpful negative reviews complained about there being no customer service on Christmas. What did they expect?

#3: VEIKK S640 (Thinnest Tablet)

Playing OSU, with tablet, can be a hassle if you’re traveling. While most tablets are relatively thin, some of them may still be difficult to pack if you’re packing light. With the VEIKK, you get a thin tablet that has a lot of power.

This tablet has everything you’d expect – plug and play, over 8,000 levels of pressure, and all that good stuff. What makes this tablet worth getting over the others is the thickness. It’s just 2mm. Most people should find that carrying it is a cinch. Despite its thinness, it’s designed for hardcore OSU play, so don’t let its thinness make you think it’s fragile.

Reviews have been positive, with most saying it’s a great OSU tablet and is a good drawing tablet for beginners. Negative reviews say the pressure sensitivity is too much, and there are once again some reviewers having setup problems, but that’s to be expected.

#4: Huion 4 x 2.23 Inches OSU Tablet (Best Low Cost)

Most OSU tablets don’t cost too much, but if your budget isn’t flexible, the 4 x 2.23 is the cheapest quality tablet you can get.

Like the other tablets, it has multiple uses. It’s good for casual artists, signing documents, and anything else that can be done with a cheap tablet. It’s also quite small, with dimensions that make it great for players who are on the go. It has 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity as well. Also, it’s compatible with Windows and Mac, so you should be good.

Reviews of this graphics tablet have been mostly positive, but the score is lower due to it being a budget tablet. Most reviews say it’s a fine tablet for digital art and for playing OSU. For those who want a cheaper tablet, this works fine. Negative scores mostly concern the tablet not lasting long, or compatibility issues. However, these are still in the minority.

#5: VEIKK A15 (Best tablet with shortcut keys)

Finally, we end with this one. The reason it’s so low on this list is that an OSU tablet should be clutter-free. Most players may not want a tablet that has extra buttons they may press. However, if you use your tablet for various things and you’re mindful enough to keep your gameplay within the active area, this may be a good tablet for you.

It’s a bigger tablet, but it’s still quite portable. It also has everything you’d expect from a drawing tablet, OSU compatibility included. Instead, let’s talk about its gimmick.

That is the express keys. It has 12 keys on its left side, and you can assign shortcuts to them. For an artist, this is quite convenient. You can use the keys for an easy undo, or assign other shortcuts for them. In addition, you may find that they can be useful for OSU as well.

Most reviewers say this is a great tablet. Criticisms of it are quite mild, too, centering around the sound the pen makes, or not being compatible with GIMP, a freeware photo editing program.

What about the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

 If you are looking for an OSU tablet on a shoestring budget, these tablets may work. While extremely cheap tablets may have poor absolute tracking, pressure sensitivity, and be lacking in an active area, you may be lucky.

#1 Best Under $22: Huion

Here’s a cheap tablet you can get on Wish. Being a Wish tablet, there isn’t anything too special in regards to features, and with Wish tablets, you may have to wait a little bit. However, if your budget is lacking, it may be worth checking out.

#2 Best Under $20 A Used Tablet

For tablets that are under $20, you are going to have to buy one used on eBay or a similar website. If you look up drawing tablets and see one under $20 and it’s new, there’s a chance that it’s a kids’ drawing tablet. These tablets are meant for kids’ doodling, and they aren’t something you can connect to a computer.

When buying used, make sure the seller has a 30-day money back guarantee or another protection plan. This applies to a new product as well, but it especially applies to a used electronic. You never know if there will be a problem with the active area, a frayed cord, or something else to make the product useless. Again, always make sure to do research when buying a product that’s not new.

Is OSU Actually any Better With a Tablet?

With any type of competitive game, players will have their controller preferences. For instance, some gamers can’t stand playing a game using a mouse and keyboard, while a hardcore PC player would never be caught with a controller. With that said, one quick search reveals that many people playing OSU with a mouse vs. a tablet find that the tablet has an easier learning curve, and going from one side of the screen to the other is much easier.

How do You Set Up a Tablet for OSU?

To set it up, it’s easy. Your pen acts as the mouse, and the keyboard is used to click left or right. With any setup, you can play around with the settings to see which is the best for you. Most players turn off raw input. Learning to use a tablet can also take time, so use it as much as possible to get used to it.

Most tablets are plug and play, which means you plug it in and you can use it without any driver installation.

Can You Draw With an OSU Tablet?

Yes, tablets for OSU are also drawing tablets. They’re good for drawing or for signing documents. With that said, they are recommended for beginner artists. Most advanced artists may need a tablet that is more advanced. However, if you’re a newbie who likes OSU, go for it.

Verdict: Your Best OSU tablet 

Now that we got the high score in OSU, here are the top 5 tablets once again.

First, there’s the XP Pen G430S. If you’re looking for a tablet that has value and quality, this has that right mix. It’s great for OSU players and casual artists.

Second, we have the Wacom Intuos. This is great for hardcore players and intermediate artists. It also comes in a wireless version.

Third, there’s the VEIKK. This is an ultra-thin tablet that is excellent for travel. Despite its size, it can tolerate some hardcore sessions.

Fourth, we have the Huion. This is a budget tablet. For beginners in OSU, or for people who want a cheaper tablet, this is a good one to purchase.

Finally, there’s the A15. This is a good tablet if you want one that has shortcut keys. With 12 keys, it’s great for casual artists.

There you have it. If you are an OSU player, a tablet can make a world of difference. Just like how a fighting game player may do better with an arcade stick, an OSU player may kick more behind with a tablet. They’re inexpensive and can change the game. What else is there not to like about them? Try one out and see if they can make your game better.